How Much Money is there in E-publishing?

February 18, 2008 at 6:21 pm (Romance Books, Samhain) (, , , , , , , , )

I think the answer depends on if you’re an author or a publisher ūüôā

 Emily Veinglory had a short post on 2007 earnings over at the Erotic Romance blog.  In the comments other people shared their earnings and their opinions.  And as usual whenever money comes up the comments become a bit of a pep ralley about the advantages of being an e-published author over a NY publisher (with Harlequin being mentioned by name.)

¬†One person commented that her backlist of e-books was really starting to make a difference in her royalty check each month.¬† While this is a plus of being e-published, I believe that most of the NY publishers are catching on to the $$$ to made by e-books.¬† My¬†guess is that this digital,¬†always-available backlist is going to aid mid-list NY published authors’ earnings as well.¬† I don’t know how contracts are worded for NY authors – I’m sure they don’t get monthly royalties like e-pubs – but I’m pretty certain agents aren’t going to let the publishers make all the money on the e-books.

¬†I recently heard a¬†Harlequin author speak about her earnings.¬† She releases an average of 3 catagory novels in a year¬†and over a 2 year period she’ll make around $20,000 per book.¬† That’s not just an advance, but total earnings from domestic and foreign sales.¬†¬† This author asked not to be mentioned by name, but I trust what she was saying because it was face to face.

Something to think about.



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