Romantic Movie: A Slipping-Down Life

February 24, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Movies, romance, Sexy Men) (, , , , , )

Based on Anne Taylor’s novel of the same name, this little movie spent the whole weekend in my DVD player.  Well, see my husband was out of town…ah, did I mention Guy Pearce stars as a long-haired guitar player?

Here’s the blurb from the Netflix site:

Drumstrings Casey’s (Guy Pearce) progressive rock sound is music to the ears of one small-town woman. Evie (Lili Taylor) is an amusement park employee who can’t seem to get enough of the musician, even going so far as to carve his name into her forehead during one of his concerts. As the media gets word of Evie’s bizarre stunt, star and fan are propelled toward one another.

Notice Evie’s intensity in this clip.  Can’t you relate? 


Also notice that fine chest peeking out of Drum’s unbuttoned shirt. Grrrrr!  You get to see lots of Guy’s fine chest in this one 🙂

Some critics said it moved too slow, but I found the pace perfect for the characters.  They were interesting, flawed people who found something in each other.  Plus, the way Drum stared at Evie whenever he talked to her sent goosebumps up my spine.  He looked like he just wanted to eat her up and then some!

This is for sure a “chick flick”, but if your guy is into nineties mellow rock he might like the soundtrack.  Guy did all the singing for the soundtrack which has a cool groove.

Drum’s character as hero material: Yes, he’s the quiet hero.  The outsider.  The misunderstood.  A Beta on the surface, yet he gets the respect of an Alpha because he does exactly as he pleases without caring what is acceptable behavior.  Is he perfect? No.  He grows in this movie…and that’s what makes it good.  Both main characters change for the better.  I’m smiling just thinking about it. 🙂


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Back from Vegas

January 25, 2008 at 3:42 pm (About Margo, Sexy Men) (, , , , )

Man, can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. I’m a bad, bad e-published author 🙂  Oh well, moving on.

Spent a great weekend in Vegas with my sisters.  Visited the Spa at Mandalay Bay and saw Australia’s Thunder from Down Under.  Can you say “YUMMY”?

Christmas was crazy and January has been very busy.  We did several home renovation projects and it’s tax prep time for us.  With two businesses and my writing – time goes very fast.

I’m working on Roz’s story and a spicy contemporary story targeted for another publisher.  I hope Samhain will buy this next Half Moon Rising story, but no guarantees.  My editor said her slots are closing fast for 2008, so I don’t expect anything out until 2009 – if she buys it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m staring down two roads with my writing career.  The e-published route or the unpredictable road to the NY publishers.  I know there are authors who do both, but right now I can’t devote full time to writing.  Little kids, my husband’s businesses and all.

I know to make good money in the e-publishing world an authors has to do TONS of online promoting…and guess what? Not my strongest suit!  The screen time writing is sometimes all I can take of the technical world in one day.  I swear computers sap my inner spirit and drain my energy.

So rather than blabber on and on, I’m going to go check on my daughter who is home with the flu and write 500 words before supper.

I’m pretty certain the right road will eventually reveal itself to me.  In the mean time – I write.

Hopefully next time I check in I’ll have Roz’s story finished 🙂


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Sexy (Cartoon) Men: The Winx boys are Hot

March 31, 2007 at 9:58 pm (Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books, Samhain, Sexy Men)

Okay, I admit it.  I have to watch the Winx Club every Saturday morning.  I even put a tape in the night before so I don’t miss it.  There’s action, romance, cool clothes, and…sexy cartoon guys 🙂  Sky is dreamy, but my fave is Riven, the bad boy.


Come on.  Look at that hair.  And the British flag shirt.  He’s the punk rocker of the fairy realm.

Also had a good day of MBaMHalf Moon Rising hit #7 on the top ten seller list.  What a great way to end the week 🙂

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300! Wow, What a Movie

March 24, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Movies, Sexy Men)

King Leonidas 

It took me 3 weeks to see it, but there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about this move. 

Lena Headey made a great Queen Gorgo. I won’t say what she does in the movie that made me clap and cheer, but this woman is not a typical TSTL movie eye-candy.  Do not mess with the Queen.

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas: Awesome. Inspiring. Tragic. Utterly Male!!!!!

Michael Fassbender as Stelios (The one who says “Than we shall fight in the shade.) is one to watch.  I’m sure he is fueling a few fantasies out there.  Here’s a still shot on the Yahoo movie page.

As I told my sister, “Yep, there is gore, but with all the beautiful male flesh, you won’t have a problem forgiving a few severed limbs!”

Plus, the relationship between Queen Gorgo and King Leonidas was a great portrayal of mature married people and how deep that love can be.  Hottest married sex I’ve seen (on the screen) for a long time.  Frank Miller knows the score.

When does the DVD release??? 🙂

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Sexy Man: Tommy Donnelly (Jonathan Tucker) in his Tighty Whiteys

March 6, 2007 at 9:39 pm (Sexy Men)

The Black Donnellys.  I started watching it because it came after Heroes.  Now I’m watching it because the lead character, Tommy Donnelly (played by Jonathan Tucker), has one hell of a body.  Okay, so it’s the actor with the hot body, but it was the character who stood in a warehouse washing off blood with a garden hose in nothing but his cute little undies 🙂  Plus he has serious arm muscles.  Yum, yum, yummy.

There was something so intimate about seeing a young male in his REAL underwear!  Men all over America walk around in tight, white briefs.  And we got to see a hot one last night.  Watching that scene I felt almost like a peeping tom.  Maybe the whole “splattered with blood” was a bit much, but if that is what it took to show the hose scene afterward….  🙂

Here’s a pic of the actor in character.  Enjoy.  I tried to find a screen capture of the above scene, but no luck.  Maybe next week.

Tommy Donnelly (Jonathan Tucker)

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Check out What’s New at Samhain:

February 27, 2007 at 9:40 pm (Romance Books, Samhain, Sexy Men)

Don’t you think the covers are getting better and better?  More sexy male chests! Yeah!!! I can never get enough of those 🙂

What Mattered MostMinderKiss and TellKing of Dragon, King of MenHaley's Cabin

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Samhain Webblog and an Excerpt!

February 18, 2007 at 11:41 pm (About Margo, Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books, Sexy Men)

Just want to let everyone know I’m blogging over at Samhain tomorrow.  It’s about character names, “Rafe loves….Edith?” 

Come check it out and comment.

 I also updated with a short excerpt.  Hope you like it.


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Thursday Thirteen: Things I like about a Bad Boy!

January 18, 2007 at 6:41 pm (Sexy Men, Thursday Thirteen)

I need to preface this list.  I’m writing a sexy short story right now…I mean not at this exact moment, but it’s minimized and waiting for me to get done with this Blog 🙂

The hero of this story is a bad boy.  Like seriously…your mother would not want you dating him.  Neither would your best friend.

He’s a carnival worker.  A carny.  Black T-shirts and tattoos.  Cigarettes and leering eyes.  Trust me, my hero is still delicious.

 On to the list:

1.  Salty skin, with a taste of dirt thrown in.  A bad boy works hard and plays hard.

2. Hair that should have been trimmed 2 months ago.  All the better to wrap around your fingers.

3.  Black T-shirts.

4.  He knows what to do with a your body.  Maybe even more than you.

5.  Motorcyles, muscle cars, and trucks.

6.  A scruffy face.  Whisker burned skin…the pain is irrevelant.

7.  Faded jeans on a tight ass.

8.  No friends to distract him from seduction.

9.  He’s not looking for his mother.

10.  He’s tough.  You can bite him and he just wants more.  Spanking?  That might be pushing it.

11. Tatoos.  Yes, they’re getting to be “everyday” , but they’re still sexy.

12.  Focused.  He wants one thing from you.

13.  Forever young…

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007: Bond is Sexy, but He’s no Romance Hero.

October 5, 2006 at 9:03 pm (Movies, Sexy Men)

Did anyone read the article on Daniel Craig as the new James Bond in this weekend’s Sunday paper Parade magazine?  I think he is going to make an interesting Bond, and I can’t wait till Nov. 17th for “Casino Royale” to be released.  Sure, he’s not Sean Connery…but who could be?

He is sexy, though.  Remember the shower scene in the first Tomb Raider? 

But what about the character of James Bond?  To be honest, James Bond just doesn’t “do it” for me.   Doesn’t matter which actor is playing him…I like him, I want him to get the bad guys and save the day…but he doesn’t move my heart. 

He isn’t meant to do that either.  He’s an action hero, not a romance hero.

Now wait a minute, you might be saying to yourself.  What about all those “Bond girls”?  He has a romantic interest in every movie.

And there’s the rub for me.  It’s “girls”,  not “girl”.  There is sex and lust, but no love…no happy ever after for him and the girl.   So while I like the fact he looks wonderful in a tux…he’s just eye candy.

But eye candy isn’t all bad 🙂  My favorite Bond so far was Sean Connery.  Do you have a favorite Bond actor?

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Sexy Men on

October 1, 2006 at 5:03 pm (About Margo, Cool Web Stuff, Movies, Sexy Men)

Okay, I haven’t been spending all of my time on watching sexy Gerry/Gerard Butler fan videos….

I also got my website up and going. Check it out at  (the link is over on the right, too).  I hope you like the guy in the background picture. I thought he was yummy.

But that  ….man, can that suck up a few hours!  I finally had to allow myself one peek per day.  And while I did enjoy the video of The Phantom of the Opera set to the song, Dirty Little Secret, by the All American Rejects…I did eventually realize there are videos on there about subjects other than Gerard Butler.

 They have videos about Johnny Depp, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortenson, and other Sexy Men.

What can I say?  There is a reason I write romance stories!

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