Romantic Movie: A Slipping-Down Life

February 24, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Movies, romance, Sexy Men) (, , , , , )

Based on Anne Taylor’s novel of the same name, this little movie spent the whole weekend in my DVD player.  Well, see my husband was out of town…ah, did I mention Guy Pearce stars as a long-haired guitar player?

Here’s the blurb from the Netflix site:

Drumstrings Casey’s (Guy Pearce) progressive rock sound is music to the ears of one small-town woman. Evie (Lili Taylor) is an amusement park employee who can’t seem to get enough of the musician, even going so far as to carve his name into her forehead during one of his concerts. As the media gets word of Evie’s bizarre stunt, star and fan are propelled toward one another.

Notice Evie’s intensity in this clip.  Can’t you relate? 


Also notice that fine chest peeking out of Drum’s unbuttoned shirt. Grrrrr!  You get to see lots of Guy’s fine chest in this one 🙂

Some critics said it moved too slow, but I found the pace perfect for the characters.  They were interesting, flawed people who found something in each other.  Plus, the way Drum stared at Evie whenever he talked to her sent goosebumps up my spine.  He looked like he just wanted to eat her up and then some!

This is for sure a “chick flick”, but if your guy is into nineties mellow rock he might like the soundtrack.  Guy did all the singing for the soundtrack which has a cool groove.

Drum’s character as hero material: Yes, he’s the quiet hero.  The outsider.  The misunderstood.  A Beta on the surface, yet he gets the respect of an Alpha because he does exactly as he pleases without caring what is acceptable behavior.  Is he perfect? No.  He grows in this movie…and that’s what makes it good.  Both main characters change for the better.  I’m smiling just thinking about it. 🙂


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Why I love the “Teach Me Tonight” Blog

January 26, 2008 at 9:50 pm (romance, Romance Books, Things that are Fun)

So some woman with an opinion did a piece about the evils of Romance Novels.  She got it published in the Guardian. 

Here’s the smart response by the “Teach Me Tonight” crew:

Now if only I could make their intelligent thoughts fit on a T-shirt logo….


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October 2, 2007 at 5:36 pm (Half Moon Rising, Margo Lukas Books, romance, Romance Books) (, , , , , )

I’ve added a new 2000 word short story to my page menu– Half Moon Origins: The Witch’s Spellboook  Check it out–the heroine isn’t your usual girl–she’s an elderly witch!  Hey, romance doesn’t end when you’re a senior citzen 🙂

Here’ the intro paragraphs.

Village of Lucia, Spain; 1485 

      The moonlight glowed too dimly through the cottage window.  The thick wax seal remained an undecipherable blur to the old witch, her eyes clouded by years spent toiling in the garden.

       While the stranger loomed over her small table, Isabel DeLagado caressed the wax ridges and let her fingertips prove the truth of the package’s sender.

      Surprise jolted her frail frame.  “The seal of the Alpha King himself?” 

     Carlos, her companion, protectively laid his gnarled hand on her shoulder, mistaking her awe for fear.  Her lover’s struggle to bring his frame to full height filled her with sadness.  Alas, any defense Carlos mustered against the stranger would have been useless.  Utterly useless.   READ THE STORY’S END.

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The Science of Sex: The New York Times covers Sexual Desire

April 10, 2007 at 11:59 am (Cool Web Stuff, romance)

One of my good friends (not in the romance industry) sent me this link:

This is an article by Natalie Anglier from the New York Times entitled: Birds Do It. Bees Do It.  People Seek the Keys to It.

I believe current trends in the romance industry reflect what all the scientists are finding out in these studies.  Different strokes for different folks 🙂 

Of course, there is no mention of love.  Hard to quatify that elusive emotion.  But for me, that “Happy Ever After” of the romance novel…that”Love Conquers All”  theme…gets me in the mood evertime!

As to the research studies…

In the studies the author mentions they used photographic images in their tests.  I think someone should study how the written word affects arousal.  You’d think a billion dollar industry (ROMANCE!) would catch the attention of a researcher looking for grant money.  Anyone else sensing a bias towards fiction written mostly by women for women?

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