HALF MOON RISING is out in PRINT & 4 Stars at RTBook Review

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This is what December 2007 Romantic Times Book Review had to say about Half Moon Rising:

“[an] entertaining and action-packed addition to the werewolf genre…”

“…characters are likable, the villain is nicely evil and the ending is highly satisfactory.”

They gave the book 4 stars! Yippy! Needless to say–I’m thrilled.

Today is also the day it is available in print.  You can buy it any of these links: Barnes and Noble.com, Amazon.com, and MBAM (Samhain’s store).


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October 2, 2007 at 5:36 pm (Half Moon Rising, Margo Lukas Books, romance, Romance Books) (, , , , , )

I’ve added a new 2000 word short story to my page menu– Half Moon Origins: The Witch’s Spellboook  Check it out–the heroine isn’t your usual girl–she’s an elderly witch!  Hey, romance doesn’t end when you’re a senior citzen 🙂

Here’ the intro paragraphs.

Village of Lucia, Spain; 1485 

      The moonlight glowed too dimly through the cottage window.  The thick wax seal remained an undecipherable blur to the old witch, her eyes clouded by years spent toiling in the garden.

       While the stranger loomed over her small table, Isabel DeLagado caressed the wax ridges and let her fingertips prove the truth of the package’s sender.

      Surprise jolted her frail frame.  “The seal of the Alpha King himself?” 

     Carlos, her companion, protectively laid his gnarled hand on her shoulder, mistaking her awe for fear.  Her lover’s struggle to bring his frame to full height filled her with sadness.  Alas, any defense Carlos mustered against the stranger would have been useless.  Utterly useless.   READ THE STORY’S END.

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A Five Rose Review!

July 14, 2007 at 11:54 pm (Half Moon Rising, Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books)

Okay, I’ve been a good girl and not “googled” for any reviews for a few weeks.  But tonight I had some time and I found a new review for Half Moon Rising at My Book Cravings.

Robin S. has this to say in her review:

“Here’s a keeper for you.  If you are anything like me, you like romances, paranormal and a contemporary setting.  You will find love, laughter, and a whodunit all in one.”

 And later she mentions she’d like to see Mario have his own story.  I’m so glad to hear that because as I work on Roz and Sebastian’s novella story, I’m planning Mario’s novel length story.

Robin’s kind words are a great motivator as I work on their stories.

Okay, I just have to go watch the end of SNL.

Hope everyone is staying cool.  The heat has returned here and I am so thankful for air conditioning 🙂


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Pantless Ken Dolls, Magic Tricks, and Writing

June 24, 2007 at 5:03 pm (About Margo, Margo Lukas Books)

…that’s what my summer is made of 🙂

And lots more, but I want to get this post done in a ten minutes! Yes, I’m home with my daughters and they are keeping me very busy.  I seem to average about ten minutes between interruptions ranging from “I’m hungry” to “There’s a hurt bird on the sidewalk.  Let’s save it.”  Still, I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world…so I deal.

My current WIP concerns Sebastian, a friend of Trey’s from Half Moon Rising.  It’s zipping along great and hopefully I’ll get it to my editor by the end of July.  Cross your fingers for a sale.  Sebastian has turned out to be quite an unusual werewolf who is forced to confront a few realities the werewolves swept under the rug when they migrated from the Old World after WWII.  Plus he’s falling head over paws for a female who appears to be the most magical being the werewolves have ever encountered. 

Love paranormal style 🙂

I just received my Galley corrections sheet to go over Half Moon Rising one more time before it gets ready for print.  It will be out either Oct. 16 or Oct. 30th (I’ve been given two different dates???).  It’s getting so close!!!!!

Everyone take care out there.  I’ll try to post a bit more than I have been.  Forgive me, writing puts my brain in a different gear 🙂


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Half Moon Rising 2 ? How about HMR 1.2?

May 2, 2007 at 11:08 am (About Margo, Margo Lukas Books)

My reviewers and a few of my readers have been asking if there will be any more stories set in the world of Half Moon Rising.  What’s funny (to me) is that they have different ideas about whose story I should continue.  Mario? Roz? Sebastian?

I’m brainstorming story ideas.  (As in my notes are spread over my kitchen table right NOW!) I know, bad….I should have started on the sequel as soon as I was done with the first book, right?  Well, for various reasons, I didn’t.  But on the plus side the feedback I’m getting on Half Moon Rising will make the next story (or stories) better than if I had just plowed ahead last July when I sent the full manuscript off to Samhain.

If anyone has 2 cents they’d like to add about who they’d like to see have their own story–here’s a chance to comment!

On the downside, I can’t guarantee there will be a sequel published.  You see, because of shuffling at Samhain–the editor who bought my book wasn’t my final assigned editor.  So I’m back in the boat of “unpublished” authors in that I’ve got to submit a full manuscript before I get a contract.  And if I do get another book bought, it won’t be released until late 2008 or even 2009.   The life of a writer…

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Reviews: The Romance Studio and Fallen Angel Reviews

May 1, 2007 at 10:36 pm (Margo Lukas Books)

I got some good stuff today.  Two new reviews came in and I’m pretty darn pleased.

Anita from The Romance Studio:

The action is thrilling as werewolves come together in a power struggle. Readers can expect some spectacular violence as they fight among themselves. As danger heats up the story becomes even more exciting and readers will find them selves mesmerized by the events as they happen. Half Moon Rising by Margo Lukas is a story that will leave readers anxiously awaiting a sequel and can be recommended to those readers that enjoy paranormal romance.

Click Here for Full Review!

Dana from Fallen Angel Reviews:

This book had it all, suspense, excitement, and passion, oh yeah, the
        passion. Half Moon Rising was a lovely romp through the paranormal,
        suspending belief of the everyday to imagine the possibilities. The gift
        these two characters give one another is the power of love. C.J. and
        Trey definitely fit all the criteria of two becoming one. Margo Lukas
        has given it all to us, a little erotica, and a shapeshifter with a
        little magic thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed the story and
        hope that the secondary characters, Mario, and Sebastian might have a
        story of their own one day. HINT, HINT.

Click Here for Full FAR Review

The both mentioned a sequel.  More about that tomorrow 🙂

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Mrs. Giggles Reviewed My Book

April 11, 2007 at 1:17 pm (Margo Lukas Books)

Last Saturday was a typical day before a holiday.  Cleaned house.  Made food.  You know the stuff.  Late in the afternoon I sat down to see if I had any reviews or any comments on my first release, Half Moon Rising.  After spending months writing something it’s cool to getfeedback 🙂  (By the way…thanks SMW for your review on the MBaM site…I really appreciate it.)

So, I pulled out the list of thirty review sites that receive blurbs from Samhain.  I have no idea if any of these reviewers have or will ever read my book.  But what’s a first time e-book author to do…

 I typed away.  Found the review pages.  Looked at the new reviews.  Double checked under the letter L (for Lukas).  Guess what? Nothing.

It was 5:45.  I needed to get supper on the table.  My chair was turned to away from the computer.  An idea comes to me.  Check Mrs. Giggles I get to her home page and there was the cover of Half Moon Risingin all its pixel glory!!!  I clicked on Romance Novel Central and this was the intro blurb for my book:

“This very satisfying and enjoyable werewolf story has different things to offer even the most jaded reader: a heroine who’s an alpha in all but name, an idealistic beta-wolf hero, and a story that is near impossible to put down. Rating: 85”

Too freaking cool.  I’ve been reading Mrs. Giggles before I even started writing Half Moon Rising.  I use her Keeper list as a reference for fine romance writing.  I’ve day-dreamed about seeing my book on her site 🙂 

My review wasn’t all sweetness and light, but she’s got her opinion and I’m going to take it serious.  The full review can be found here: Half Moon Rising, Mrs. Giggles review.

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Sexy (Cartoon) Men: The Winx boys are Hot

March 31, 2007 at 9:58 pm (Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books, Samhain, Sexy Men)

Okay, I admit it.  I have to watch the Winx Club every Saturday morning.  I even put a tape in the night before so I don’t miss it.  There’s action, romance, cool clothes, and…sexy cartoon guys 🙂  Sky is dreamy, but my fave is Riven, the bad boy.


Come on.  Look at that hair.  And the British flag shirt.  He’s the punk rocker of the fairy realm.

Also had a good day of MBaMHalf Moon Rising hit #7 on the top ten seller list.  What a great way to end the week 🙂

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March 27, 2007 at 12:45 am (Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books)

My cover for Half Moon Rising I’m so happy,  I can’t put it into words!

Today I’m blogging over at the Samhain Blog with the other new release authors.  Please come over and check us out.

Here’s a teaser of my post:

How much do you know about your great-grandparents? Perhaps you know their names, birthdates, off-spring.  Maybe their occupation.  But I bet that is about it.  Unless your ancestors left letters or journals, their secrets died with them.

What if their “secrets” included the ability to shift form into either a wolf, or a monstrous Beast?

Don’t you want to read more? 


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Half Moon Rising banner ad

March 14, 2007 at 10:04 am (Margo Lukas Books)

Half Moon Rising Banner Ad

Here’s my banner ad!  I think it looks great.  What do you think?

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