HALF MOON RISING is out in PRINT & 4 Stars at RTBook Review

October 30, 2007 at 9:09 pm (Books of Interest, Half Moon Rising, Margo Lukas Books, Romance Books) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

This is what December 2007 Romantic Times Book Review had to say about Half Moon Rising:

“[an] entertaining and action-packed addition to the werewolf genre…”

“…characters are likable, the villain is nicely evil and the ending is highly satisfactory.”

They gave the book 4 stars! Yippy! Needless to say–I’m thrilled.

Today is also the day it is available in print.  You can buy it any of these links: Barnes and Noble.com, Amazon.com, and MBAM (Samhain’s store).


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Blog Hopping Happiness

October 15, 2007 at 9:14 pm (Books of Interest, Cool Web Stuff, not Romances) (, , , )

I will be the first to admit it–I don’t read many blogs.

I don’t have the time.  I write on a laptop which isn’t connected to the ‘net and when I do get on-line I usually have a “to do” list in front of me.

But tonight I had some time to kill between cutting my husband’s hair and waiting for Heroes to finish recording, so I checked out Rebecca James’ blog–she always has something interesting to read.   I spent a few minutes catching up on her blog and decided to check out the people on her blogroll.

I struck gold with the first click:  A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.  Needless to say I read some of his posts and they struck a chord.

I’m debating a rather major decision about my career and his posts were enlightening.

If you’re a writer, check out that blog.  It’s worth the time.


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New Blogging Day at Beyond the Veil & A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

September 26, 2007 at 5:39 pm (About Margo, Books of Interest) (, , , , )

..or Beyond the Evil as my hubby calls it…

While I was subbing for SJ on Fridays, I am now a “real” member and will be posting every other Wednesday.  I started the 19th and my next day will be October 3.

Last week I blogged about “What Was the 1st Paranormal Romance Published?”.  There was lots of good feedback and it looked like the winner was June Lund Shiplett’s Journey to Yesterday in 1979.

A few comments mentioned Jude Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armor and–lo and behold–guess what book I found in my shelves????

Wow! I read it in 4 hours and couldn’t get my nose out of that book.  (and this is WHILE I was watching the “HEROS” premier.

***SPOILER ALERT****  Don’t read the rest of the post if you haven’t read the book yet.

Okay, the heroine, Douglass, was a little on the whiny, get-a-spine side…but she got stronger as the story went along.

 The hero, Nicholas, was Alpha to the core…but he redeemed himself in the last twenty pages or so.

What really interested me was the structure of the story and the ending.  I don’t want to post a spoiler, but I’m not sure an editor would let an author end a story like that now-a-days.

There real hero–the man who made love to Douglass and who was the real knight in shining armor–spends the last thirty years of his life alone in the 15th century and dies without love!!  Yes, there was the whole “my soul” will find “your soul” but I didn’t get the euphoric happy ending that I like.

But the story was good and it’s staying on my “keeper shelf”.


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Thursday Thirteen: Military Romances

May 10, 2007 at 10:17 am (Books of Interest, Romance Books, Thursday Thirteen)

Yes, it’s Thursday Thirteen, but I’m under the gun so this is a quickie 13+ today. Plus wordpress is acting up and I’m tired of wasting time with the Thursday Thirteen format/graphic thingy!

However, I’d like to start a list of military themed romances.

It’s for my big sister.  She is a huge fan of The Unit and didn’t realize there were military hero themed romances.  “What? You, a huge romance reader didn’t realize that there are tons of military based romances out there?”

Okay, here’s the beginning of the list from Romance Book Cafe:

Elizabeth Ashtree
Into Thin Air – HSR #1264 3/05

A Marriage of Majors – HSR #1216 7/04
A Captain’s Honor – HSR #1089 10/02
The Colonel and the Kid – HSR #1036 1/02
An Officer and a Hero – HSR #828 2/99

Rogenna Brewer
The SEAL’s Baby – HSR #1223 8/04

Midway Between You and Me – HSR #1070 7/02
Sign, SEAL, Deliver – HSR #980 4/01
SEAL It With a Kiss – HSR #833 3/99

Suzanne Brockmann
Into The Storm – Random House 8/06

The Admiral’s Bride – Mira 4/06 Reissue
Tall, Dark and Dangerous – Mira 12/05
Hot Target – Ballantine 12/05
Over The Edge – Ballantine 9/05
Out Of Control – Ballantine 9/05
Hawken’s Heart – Mira 4/05
Gone Too Far – Ballantine 3/04
Night Watch – SIM #1243 TDD #11 9/03
The Defiant Hero – Ivy 6/03
Into the Night – Ivy 11/02
Taylor’s Temptation – SIM #1087 TDD # 10 7/01
The Unsung Hero – Ivy 6/00
Get Lucky – SIM #991 TDD # 9 3/00
Identity: Unknown – SIM #974 TDD #8 1/00
The Admiral’s Bride – SIM #962 TDD #7 11/99
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – SIM # 896 TDD # 6 12/98
Harvard’s Education – SIM #844 TDD#5 10/98 Re-Issue 7/04
Everyday, Average Jones – SIM # 872 TDD #4 8/98 Re-Issue 3/04
Frisco’s Kid – SIM #759 TDD #3 1/97 Re-Issue 5/03
Forever Blue – SIM #742 #2 10/96 Re-Issue 1/03
Prince Joe – SIM #720 TDD #1 6/96 Re-Issue 5/02
TDD – Tall, Dark, and Dangerous Series Reissue by Mira

Maureen Child
Man Beneath the Uniform – SD #1561 2/04

Beauty and the Blue Angel – SD #1514 6/03
The SEAL’s Surrender – SD #1431 4/02
The Marine and the Debutante – SD #1443 6/02      
Did You Say Twins – SD #1408 12/01
The Last Virgin In California – SD #1398 10/01
His Baby – SD #1325 7/01
Prince Charming In Dress Blues – SD #1366 5/01
Marooned With a Marine – SD #1325 10/00
Next Santini Bride – SD #1317 9/00
Last Santini Virgin – SD #1312 8/00
The Daddy Salute – SD #1275 2/00
Marine Under The Mistletoe – SD #1258 11/99
Mom in Waiting – SD #1234 7/99
Colonel Daddy – SD #1211 4/99
The Oldest Living Married Virgin – SD # 1180 10/98
Non-Commissioned Baby – SD #1174 10/98
The Littlest Marine – SD #1167 9/98

Cindy Dees
Her Secret Agent Man – SIM #1353 3/05

The Medusa Project – SB #31 2/05
A Gentleman and a Soldier – SIM #1307 7/04
Line of Fire – SIM #1253 10/03
Behind Enemy Lines – SIM #1176 9/02

Amy J. Fetzer
Hard Hit – Kensington 7/06

Perfect Weapon – Kensington 3/06
Naked Truth – Kensington 8/05
To Tell the Marines – Kensington 10/05
Out of Uniform – SD #1636 2/05
The SEAL’s Surprise Baby – SD #1467 10/02
The Re-Enlisted Marine – SD #1181 10/98

Bonnie Gardner
The Sergeant’s Baby – HAR #1067 5/05

Sergeant Darling – HAR #1019 5/04
The Sergeant’s Secret Son – HAR #958 2/03
Sgt. Billy’s Bride – HAR #911 2/02
Uncle Sarge – HAR #876 5/01

Dee Henderson
True Honor – Multnomah 9/02

True Valor – Multnomah 2/02
True Devotion – Multnomah 2/02

Vicki Hinze
Her Perfect Life – SB #78 4/06

Double Dare – SB #69 12/05
Double Vision – SB #45 6/05
Body Double – SB #12 9/04
All Due Respect – St. Martins 9/00
Duplicity – St. Martins 4/99
Acts of Honor – St. Martins 12/99
Shades of Gray – St. Martins 5/98

Candace Irvin        
Irresistible Forces – SIM #1270 1/04
A Dangerous Engagement – SIM #1252 10/03
An Unconditional Surrender – HQN 7/03 In Love and War Anthology
Crossing the Line – SIM #1179 10/02
In Close Quarters – SIM #1078 5/01
For His Eyes Only – SIM #936 5/99

Julia Justiss
The Courtesan – HQN Coming 12/05

The Three Gifts – HQN 10/05 Christmas Keepsakes Anthology
Wicked Wager – HQN 11/03
The Proper Wife – HHR 7/01 #567
An Honest Bargain – HQN 4/01 The Officer’s Bride Anthology

Cathie Linz
Lone Star Marine – SR #1805 02/05

The Marine and Me – SR #1793 11/05
The Marine Meets His Match – SR #1736 9/04
Cinderella’s Sweet Talking Marine – SR #1727 7/04
Her Millionaire Marine – SR #1720 5/04
Sleeping Beauty and the Marine – SR #1637 1/03
Married to a Marine – SR #1616 9/02
The Marine and the Princess – SR #1561 12/01
Stranded With the Sergeant – SR #1534 8/01
Daddy in Dress Blues – SR #1470 9/00

Kim Louise
The Glory of Love – BET 6/03

Merline Lovelace
Eye of the Beholder – Mira 11/05

The Last Bullet – Mira 6/05
The Middle Sin – Mira 5/05
The First Mistake – Mira 4/05
One Of The Boys – SSS 3/05
A Bridge for Christmas – HQN 11/04 A Soldier’s Christmas Anthology
Full Throttle – SD #1556 1/04
The Right Stuff – SIM #1279 3/04
A Question of Intent – SIM #1255 11/03
A Military Affair – HQN 7/03 In Love and War Anthology
After Midnight – Onyx 2/03
The Captain’s Woman – Mira 1/03
Under Cover Operations – HQN 9/02 Heart’s Command Anthology
Hot As Ice – SIM #1129 2/02
The Major’s Wife – HQN 4/01 The Officer’s Bride Anthology
Dark Side of Dawn – Signet 1/01
The Horse Soldier – HQN 1/01
Rising River – Onyx 6/99
Call of Duty – Onyx 8/98
Duty and Dishonor – Onyx 10/97
Wrong Bride, Right Groom – SD #1037 11/96
Line of Duty – Onyx 10/96
Somewhere in Time – SIM #593 9/96 Reissue 2/03
Maggie and Her Colonel – HQN Short 1994

Debbie Macomber
Navy Husband – SSE  #1693 7/05

Navy Grooms – Mira 7/05
Navy Brides – Mira 4/05
Navy Baby – SSE #697 10/91 Reissue 1/05
Navy Woman – SSE #683 6/91 Reissue 7/04
Navy Brat – SSE # 662 3/91 Reissue 1/04
Navy Blues – SSE #518 4/89 Reissue 5/03
Navy Wife – SSE # 494 12/88 Reissue 1/03

Catherine Mann
Blaze of Glory – HQN 7/06

Awaken to danger – SIM #1401
The Captive’s Return – SIM #1388 10/05
Code of Honor – HQN 8/05
Explosive Alliance – SIM #1346  2/05  
The Wingman’s Angel – HQN 11/04 A Soldier’s Christmas Anthology
Pursued – SB #18 11/04
Joint Forces – SIM #1293 5/04
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime – Sil. Books 3/04 WW
Strategic Engagement – SIM #1257 11/03 WW
Private Manuevers – SIM #1226 6/03 WW     
The Cinderella Mission – SIM #1202 2/03
Under Siege – SIM #1198 1/03 WW
Taking Cover – SIM #1187 11/02 WW
Grayson’s Surrender – SIM #1175 9/02 WW
Wedding at White Sands – SIM #1158 6/02
…..WW – Wingmen Warriors

Lindsay McKenna
Silent Witness – HQN 12/05

Daughter of Destiny – SB #1 7/04
First Born – Sil. Books 6/04
Comrades in Arms – HQN 7/03 In Love and War Anthology
The Will To Love – SR #1618 10/02
Ride the Thunder – SD #1459 9/02
To Love And Protect – HQN 9/02 Heart’s Command Anthology
The Heart Beneath – SSE #1486 8/02
Destiny’s Woman – Silhouette 3/02
Hangar 13 – HQN Re-Issue 1/01
Valkyrie – Hard Shell Word Factory 12/00
Point of Departure – SSE #853
Under Fire – SSE #679 7/91
The Gauntlet – SSE #673 6/91
No Quarter Given – SSE #667 4/91
A Question of Honor – SSE #529 6/89

Marliss Melton
Time To Run – Warner 2/06

In The Dark – Warner 6/05
Forget Me Not – Warner 12/04

Julie Miller
Major Attraction – HB #150 9/04

Cheryl Reavis
The Older Woman – SSE #1445 1/02

The Long Way Home – SSE #1245 4/99
Little Darlin’ – SSE #1177 5/98

Christina Skye
Code Name: Blondie – HQN 5/06

Code Name: Princess – Dell 9/04
Code Name: Nanny – Dell 6/04
Hot Pursuit – Dell 2/03
My Spy – Dell 1/02
Going Overboard – Dell 4/01

Ingrid Weaver
Aim for the Heart – SIM #1258 11/03 ES

Seven Days to Forever – SIM #1216 4/03 ES
Eye of the Beholder – SIM #1204 2/03 ES
Under the King’s Command – SIM #1184 11/02
What Baby Knew – SIM #939 6/99
…..ES – Eagle Squadron

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Happy Spring! and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

April 26, 2007 at 11:44 am (About Margo, Books of Interest)

Hmm, it’s been over 15 days since I posted.  I think I’ve got Spring fever and don’t want to sit my ass in a chair for over fifteen minutes 🙂

I’ve been busy revising a short story, reading some writing books, and doing some spring cleaning.

And I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Here’s the link to its website: TheSecret.tv.  I found it very interesting.  I was familiar with the Law of Attraction from reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think Rich” book (not sure if that is the exact title). 

Rhonda’s book is sure presented in a manner that is much easier to read than the Hill text.  My hubby and I were introduced to this topic by one of his teachers at a painting class.  I read The Secret in snippets right before bed, but a fast reader could probably finish it in an hour or two.  If you’ve been curious about this book (like I was), read it.  My library had a copy, but I bet there are some cheap used copies out there, too.

Being the product of the very work-oriented, pragmatic agrarian culture of the mid-west where bad weather or crop prices (which are determined by rich traders in Chicago) can wipe out your life in a year or two….well, I can be a bit negative.  I’ve watched my father and husband work harder in one year than most people do in ten and because of things totally out of their control—they lose money.  (And yes, I’ve told my hubby a million times he just has to say the word and I’ll pack up and move to a growing, prosperous urban area–I’ll choose common sense over mis-placed sentimentality!)

The idea of controling your own destiny with positive thoughts?  Well, I have certainly witnessed the entitlement mind-set among the wealthy.  Could it be because they just expect to have money and nice things, they get it?  And it has been my observation that wealthy think about money…a lot.  But when does thinking about wealth cross the line into greed?  I’ve witnessed that first hand, too (Isn’t the best money the kind your “entitled” too…ha ha!)

Of course, Ms. Byrne and her contributors aren’t only speaking about wealth.  They touch on lots of subjects: health, relationships, etc.  Those things I find it easier to be positive about and to keep my mind on “the positive” track, thus attracting more (or so the theory goes). 

I’m still absorbing the theories presented in The Secret.  Maybe in a few months I’ll look at my Vision Board (see chapter on Processes in The Secret) and be in awe of my own power.  Of course you’ll know it works when you hear about my next multi-book contract :).

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Thursday Thirteen: Reading Material I Found on My Coffee Table

January 25, 2007 at 9:50 pm (Books of Interest, Thursday Thirteen)

If you can’t figure this one out, I can’t help you 🙂

1.  One Man’s Love by Karen Ranney.  I read a good review of one of Karen’s other books on Mrs. Giggles.  Couldn’t find that book, but picked up this lead story in her “Lords of the Highlands” series instead.  She is a great author and now on my “must buy” list.

2.  “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex” by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg, M.D.  All those questions you’d like to ask a doctor, but are too embarrassed to do so.

3.  “Queen Bees and Wannabes” by Rosalind Wiseman.  Wow.  Scary stuff…but it totally rings true.

4.  May 2006, National Geographic.  The cover story is “In Search of Vikings”.  Could this possibly be research?

5. “Looking Good: A Comprehensive Guide to Wardrobe Planning, Color & Personal Style Development.”  by Nancy Nix-Rice.   I’d like to be a woman who didn’t need help looking good, but I’m not.

6. “Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis.  It’s just darn interesting stuff.

7.  “Secrets of The Cube: The Ancient Visualization Game That Reveals Your True Self”  by Annie Gottlieb and Slobodan D. Pesic.  See earlier post.

8.  January 2007, Romance Writers Report.

9. “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston LeRoux

10.  “Prince of Ice” by Emma Holly.  Great book.  Great writer.

11.  The Grinnell Magazine.  Gotta see if I’m keeping up with my successful classmates.

12.  January 2007, Wired.  Cover story is “Beyond the Body: the Science of Human Enhancement”.  Love this mag.

13.  “A Three Dimensional Victorian Doll House”.  Okay, technically not reading material…but it folds up into a book 🙂

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Half Moon Rising set for March 27, 2007 release!!!

January 7, 2007 at 10:21 pm (Books of Interest, Margo Lukas Books)

Guess what?

My first book will be available as an e-book on March 27, 2007 at Samhain Publishing’s website.  The blurb for it is already up on the coming soon page.

I’ll try and post the cover here as soon as I have it.  This tech stuff feels a little over my head 🙂

Time for me go back to work on a new story I’ll be submitting to Samhain’s summer anthology.  This one is about a “girl-next-door” and the sexy carnival worker who rescues her from a malfunctioning ferris wheel…

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Secrets of the Cube

November 2, 2006 at 6:36 pm (About Margo, Books of Interest, Things that are Fun)

I adore doing personality quizzes….Meyers-Briggs, Glamour quizzes, obscure made-up web tests…I’ll take them all. I’m not sure why I take them. Probably because like most people, I think I’ll find something in my “results” that I can use to justify some not so good behavior…

But with all the quizzes I’ve ever taken, there is one that is the absolute coolest. I have so much fun with this “test”, I do it to all my friends when they come over.

One day, browsing through the bookstore, I came across a small square book. Its subtitle is what hooked me: The Ancient Visualization Game That Reveals Your True Self.

TRUE SELF? Hey, I want to know that.  I had to buy it.

The book’s full title is Secrets of the Cube: The Ancient Visualizaion Game That Reveals Your True Self. It’s written by Annie Gottlieb and Slobodan D. Pesic.  

And the best part?  It’s scary how close to home it hits.  I should have posted this for Halloween!

The authors ask you (or you ask your friends) a series of things to visualize.  Then you describe in as much detail what you have visualized in your mind.   Their explanations of what you saw in your vision read a bit like a dream interpretation book, but much more specific.  I’m not going to tell you what they ask you to think about…it would ruin the fun when you have a chance to do this yourself 🙂

Of course it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you a little bit about what my “cube” told me about myself.  On the up-side, I’m a Visionary Intuitive which means I can make “leaps of association that can lead an Intuitive to a correct conclusion by a non-logical route.”  I think that is a pretty useful thing for a writer!

On the down-side, I can have “a sense of too many possibilities.”  That’s not so good when I’m trying to decide which way I want a scene to go!!!  Or when shopping for shoes!

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