I’ve Been Gone So Long, They Changed Everything On ME!

December 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm (About Margo)

Cannot believe I haven’t posted since Feb.  Where does the time go?  I don’t have any good excuses or reasons, just got busy.  So here’s a short recap of the past few months in random order of occurrence:

  • Short stories submitted
  • Short stories rejected
  • Trying to finish Sebastian’s story – but hate it!!
  • Rewriting two rejected short stories
  • Practicing the art of scene/sequel in my writing.
  • Becoming very self-conscious of my pacing in all my stories
  • Shutting down my laptop and stopped writing for 3 months!
  • Helping 8 year-old daughter with all her 4-H projects.
  • Being a 4-H leader.
  • Watching my daughter when 3 trophies! Heart swelling with Pride
  • Cry as youngest daughter goes Kindergarten.
  • Cry as neighbor’s daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumour, but hopeful that is isn’t cancer.
  • Be amazed at a 17-year old’s determination not to let her vision loss from brain tumor get her down.
  • Take a job working part-time as an aid & reader at the local high school.
  • Thought I was dying one morning as I went into shock from a torsion of 7cm ovarian tumor – that I didn’t know I had! 
  • Survived two ER visits (the first one didn’t have the right equipment to find the problem) for intense stomach pains.
  • Had surgery to remove tumour and was much relieved when the doctors determined it was a endomitroma, rather than ovarian cancer.
  • Once healed from surgury, discovered I felt better than I had for months…maybe even a year.  Getting rid of a large stomach tomur also made my jeans fit much better 🙂
  • Enjoyed two wonderful snow days at home before Christmas Break.
  • Decided to read a few romance blogs and catch up on a few months of reading.
  • Wrote my first new post in months 🙂
  • Eldest daughter just threw up in bed.  Night before Christmas Eve.  Figures.

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Back from Vegas

January 25, 2008 at 3:42 pm (About Margo, Sexy Men) (, , , , )


Man, can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. I’m a bad, bad e-published author 🙂  Oh well, moving on.

Spent a great weekend in Vegas with my sisters.  Visited the Spa at Mandalay Bay and saw Australia’s Thunder from Down Under.  Can you say “YUMMY”?

Christmas was crazy and January has been very busy.  We did several home renovation projects and it’s tax prep time for us.  With two businesses and my writing – time goes very fast.

I’m working on Roz’s story and a spicy contemporary story targeted for another publisher.  I hope Samhain will buy this next Half Moon Rising story, but no guarantees.  My editor said her slots are closing fast for 2008, so I don’t expect anything out until 2009 – if she buys it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m staring down two roads with my writing career.  The e-published route or the unpredictable road to the NY publishers.  I know there are authors who do both, but right now I can’t devote full time to writing.  Little kids, my husband’s businesses and all.

I know to make good money in the e-publishing world an authors has to do TONS of online promoting…and guess what? Not my strongest suit!  The screen time writing is sometimes all I can take of the technical world in one day.  I swear computers sap my inner spirit and drain my energy.

So rather than blabber on and on, I’m going to go check on my daughter who is home with the flu and write 500 words before supper.

I’m pretty certain the right road will eventually reveal itself to me.  In the mean time – I write.

Hopefully next time I check in I’ll have Roz’s story finished 🙂


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WGA Writer’s Strike

November 8, 2007 at 10:05 pm (About Margo, Cool Web Stuff) (, )

The big studios are denying the Hollywood writers of their fair share of program revenue on digital and DVD sales.  What the studios are doing is wrong.  The WGA is doing the right thing.

Here’s a link to the WGA Strike blog:  http://unitedhollywood.blogspot.com/

Here’s a link to an online petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/WGA/petition.html

This is an important moment for the entertainment industry.  Maybe we should turn off our TV’s and downloads until the writer’s get their due.  Think the studios would notice if we stopped buying DVD’s? 🙂


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Work Space Nightmares!

November 5, 2007 at 4:40 pm (About Margo) (, , , )

I had to check out the link on “The ‘Winners’ of the Wired News Saddest-Cubicle Contest”.  Boy, some of these people must hate going to work.  These desks even make my workspace look inviting 🙂

I call it my “Retractable Desk.”  Remove the bread board from the pulled out drawer, slip the laptop back into the desk, and fold chair.  Ta-da.  It’s a kitchen again!

Margo’s Desk

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Thursday Thirteen: Last 13 Songs I Downloaded from iTunes

October 25, 2007 at 10:38 am (About Margo, Thursday Thirteen) (, , )

Making this a simple list this week…I’ve got to get my laundry caught up because I’m going to a writer’s conference with Stephanie Bond!!!  It’s going to be great.

Next week I’ll have some exciting news to post: My official print release and the scoop on my first review from RT BOOKreview!  Stop by and visit!

My Last 13 Downloaded iTunes:

1.  I Touch Myselfby the Divinyls

2. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

3. I’m Shipping Up to Bostonby the Dropkick Murphys

4. The Look of Love by ABC

5. Move Thisby Technotronic

6. Personal Jesusby Depeche Mode

7. I kissed a Girlby Jill Sobule

8. Extreme Waysby Moby

9. Give Me Some Love by James Blunt

10. Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight

11. Hold Onby KT Tunstall

12. Shut Up and Driveby Rihanna

13. Every Little Counts by New Order

What I wouldn’t have given for iTunes when I was 13 and had to have my sister’s college friends make me mixed tapes!

Happy Thursday,


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New Blogging Day at Beyond the Veil & A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

September 26, 2007 at 5:39 pm (About Margo, Books of Interest) (, , , , )

..or Beyond the Evil as my hubby calls it…

While I was subbing for SJ on Fridays, I am now a “real” member and will be posting every other Wednesday.  I started the 19th and my next day will be October 3.

Last week I blogged about “What Was the 1st Paranormal Romance Published?”.  There was lots of good feedback and it looked like the winner was June Lund Shiplett’s Journey to Yesterday in 1979.

A few comments mentioned Jude Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armor and–lo and behold–guess what book I found in my shelves????

Wow! I read it in 4 hours and couldn’t get my nose out of that book.  (and this is WHILE I was watching the “HEROS” premier.

***SPOILER ALERT****  Don’t read the rest of the post if you haven’t read the book yet.

Okay, the heroine, Douglass, was a little on the whiny, get-a-spine side…but she got stronger as the story went along.

 The hero, Nicholas, was Alpha to the core…but he redeemed himself in the last twenty pages or so.

What really interested me was the structure of the story and the ending.  I don’t want to post a spoiler, but I’m not sure an editor would let an author end a story like that now-a-days.

There real hero–the man who made love to Douglass and who was the real knight in shining armor–spends the last thirty years of his life alone in the 15th century and dies without love!!  Yes, there was the whole “my soul” will find “your soul” but I didn’t get the euphoric happy ending that I like.

But the story was good and it’s staying on my “keeper shelf”.


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Paranormal Lifespan and the Romance: Immortal vs. Mortal

September 6, 2007 at 11:50 pm (About Margo, Romance Books)

Hey, it’s an important question!  There IS a difference.

I’m blogging more about it at Beyond the Veil today.  Come over and check it out.


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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Got Done Today :)

August 23, 2007 at 4:14 pm (About Margo, Thursday Thirteen)

WordPress ate my list 😦

So…here’s #14.  Blew off TT for the millionth time this summer and had a bowl of the quirky salsa soup I created with the left over salsa I canned.

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I Got Rid of My Zits :)

August 4, 2007 at 3:53 pm (About Margo)

I started doing this really, really simple “thing” that finally cleared up my mid-life acne!  And it was so simple I just have to tell someone other than my sisters and mom.

Now, I didn’t have terrible acne all over my face — just on my T-zone.  I had a cluster of ugly pimples that just kept reappearing on my chin and leaving icky red spots when they finally dried up.  Of course, another ugly white pimple would appear somewhere new on my chin at that point. Yuck.

First, I blamed my writing. “Why?” You ask. Because every time I paused to think I rested my chin in my hand. I bet a lot of my fellow writers do the same.  So, I made a real effort to stop that habit.

Didn’t matter. Still had zits on my chin and my nose was starting to have some, too.

Bought a new “adult” skin care line of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers for oily skin.  No change.  Plus now, skin by my eyes was getting flaky and too dry.

Tried that expensive acne treatment that is sold via 30-minute television ads.  At first it seemed to work for a week.  Things cleared up for awhile and then the white pimples got worse, showing up big and ugly…but lasting only a day or two rather than a week or so.  Pushed that to the back of the medicine cabinet.  (I should have guessed since this stuff was given to me by my sister who received it from her sister-in-law).

So in desperation I just started using water and vinegar.  Step 1: Wash with warm water and a washcloth.  Step 2: If I do see any red spots that look like they might become zits, I put some white vinegar on a cotton-ball rub it on my T-zone.  If I wear any eye make-up I’ve been removing it with a dab of olive oil on a cotton-ball.

I’ve been clear of big, ugly white blemishes for about a month.  Hope it stays this way 🙂

Just had to share something cheap and simple in this world of chemical overload.


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The Paranormal and Romance: Perfect Together

July 6, 2007 at 11:10 pm (About Margo, Romance Books)

 I was reading some of the older posts about ghosts the other day and a memory came back to me. A memory of my first romantic fantasy.

I had to be about ten or eleven…and I had a fantasy about a ghost boy who was a character in an ABC “After School Special” (remember those?). It was called “The Red Room Riddle”. All I can recall was that the ghost boy had beautiful blond curly hair and was trapped in the red room inside of an old mansion.

Don’t remember exactly how I turned that into a romance in my little elementary brain, but do remember having them.

And that made me wonder why some of us love our paranormals and other romance readers just shake their head. Obviously even as a young reader, paranormal stories appealed to me the same as it did to the millions who read similar books. But for some reason I took it step further and wanted my stories to have not only paranormal/fantasy elements but romance, too.

Why does paranormal and romance seem like such a natural fit to some of us and not to others? Have you ever tried to explain the appeal of the paranormal to others who don’t read them? I have one relative whose voice drips with sarcasm every time she mentions “a werewolf romance”…in a way that makes it seem like the craziest thing in the world. Never mind telling her that millions of readers like to read about vampires and werewolves finding true love.

Monsters in love. Monsters redeemed and forgiven all sorts of sins. Monsters forgiven and loved by not only the heroine, but also the reader. Perhaps what truly defines our paranormal genre is not the characters (who vary from god to demon, vampire to angel) but the readers.

Maybe we’re the “thing” about paranormal romances that make them work. Could it be that the lover of paranormal romance is more accepting, more likely to forgive rather than chastise in real-life too? I think it would be interesting to see if the ability to forgive and respect the strange, monstrous hero translates into a real-world view different from non-paranormal romance readers.

Just a thought.


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