I’ve Been Gone So Long, They Changed Everything On ME!

December 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm (About Margo)

Cannot believe I haven’t posted since Feb.  Where does the time go?  I don’t have any good excuses or reasons, just got busy.  So here’s a short recap of the past few months in random order of occurrence:

  • Short stories submitted
  • Short stories rejected
  • Trying to finish Sebastian’s story – but hate it!!
  • Rewriting two rejected short stories
  • Practicing the art of scene/sequel in my writing.
  • Becoming very self-conscious of my pacing in all my stories
  • Shutting down my laptop and stopped writing for 3 months!
  • Helping 8 year-old daughter with all her 4-H projects.
  • Being a 4-H leader.
  • Watching my daughter when 3 trophies! Heart swelling with Pride
  • Cry as youngest daughter goes Kindergarten.
  • Cry as neighbor’s daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumour, but hopeful that is isn’t cancer.
  • Be amazed at a 17-year old’s determination not to let her vision loss from brain tumor get her down.
  • Take a job working part-time as an aid & reader at the local high school.
  • Thought I was dying one morning as I went into shock from a torsion of 7cm ovarian tumor – that I didn’t know I had! 
  • Survived two ER visits (the first one didn’t have the right equipment to find the problem) for intense stomach pains.
  • Had surgery to remove tumour and was much relieved when the doctors determined it was a endomitroma, rather than ovarian cancer.
  • Once healed from surgury, discovered I felt better than I had for months…maybe even a year.  Getting rid of a large stomach tomur also made my jeans fit much better 🙂
  • Enjoyed two wonderful snow days at home before Christmas Break.
  • Decided to read a few romance blogs and catch up on a few months of reading.
  • Wrote my first new post in months 🙂
  • Eldest daughter just threw up in bed.  Night before Christmas Eve.  Figures.

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