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October 15, 2007 at 9:14 pm (Books of Interest, Cool Web Stuff, not Romances) (, , , )

I will be the first to admit it–I don’t read many blogs.

I don’t have the time.  I write on a laptop which isn’t connected to the ‘net and when I do get on-line I usually have a “to do” list in front of me.

But tonight I had some time to kill between cutting my husband’s hair and waiting for Heroes to finish recording, so I checked out Rebecca James’ blog–she always has something interesting to read.   I spent a few minutes catching up on her blog and decided to check out the people on her blogroll.

I struck gold with the first click:  A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.  Needless to say I read some of his posts and they struck a chord.

I’m debating a rather major decision about my career and his posts were enlightening.

If you’re a writer, check out that blog.  It’s worth the time.




  1. Cliff Burns said,

    Most blogs, like most people, aren’t interesting enough to dwell on very long but you do occasionally find one that takes chances, is unique for its colorful language or the personality of the blogger in question. Sometimes it’s like you’re looking for a diamond in a dungheap but don’t give up.

    There are surprises awaiting the discerning reader or blog trawler…

  2. Cliff Burns said,


    Thank ye kindly for dropping by my odd blog. Glad you liked the excerpt from my novel and I hope my blog, as a whole, is one of the worthy ones among the millions out there.
    I try to keep things interesting…

  3. margolukas said,

    How could I resist visiting Cliff’s blog with that comment? Though it kinda scares me that a fellow like Cliff is visiting my blog. It seems so strange that people are listening.

    I did visit and he has some interesting posts–and some free reads. I enjoyed reading the excerpt from his novel and he has shared quite a few of his short-stories (which I gather were published, but now out-of-print).

    Click on his name above and you can get to his blog.

  4. Jennifer S said,

    Yeah, I like that blog, too. My friend told me about it a little bit ago. 🙂

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