Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Got Done Today :)

August 23, 2007 at 4:14 pm (About Margo, Thursday Thirteen)

WordPress ate my list 😦

So…here’s #14.  Blew off TT for the millionth time this summer and had a bowl of the quirky salsa soup I created with the left over salsa I canned.


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I Got Rid of My Zits :)

August 4, 2007 at 3:53 pm (About Margo)

I started doing this really, really simple “thing” that finally cleared up my mid-life acne!  And it was so simple I just have to tell someone other than my sisters and mom.

Now, I didn’t have terrible acne all over my face — just on my T-zone.  I had a cluster of ugly pimples that just kept reappearing on my chin and leaving icky red spots when they finally dried up.  Of course, another ugly white pimple would appear somewhere new on my chin at that point. Yuck.

First, I blamed my writing. “Why?” You ask. Because every time I paused to think I rested my chin in my hand. I bet a lot of my fellow writers do the same.  So, I made a real effort to stop that habit.

Didn’t matter. Still had zits on my chin and my nose was starting to have some, too.

Bought a new “adult” skin care line of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers for oily skin.  No change.  Plus now, skin by my eyes was getting flaky and too dry.

Tried that expensive acne treatment that is sold via 30-minute television ads.  At first it seemed to work for a week.  Things cleared up for awhile and then the white pimples got worse, showing up big and ugly…but lasting only a day or two rather than a week or so.  Pushed that to the back of the medicine cabinet.  (I should have guessed since this stuff was given to me by my sister who received it from her sister-in-law).

So in desperation I just started using water and vinegar.  Step 1: Wash with warm water and a washcloth.  Step 2: If I do see any red spots that look like they might become zits, I put some white vinegar on a cotton-ball rub it on my T-zone.  If I wear any eye make-up I’ve been removing it with a dab of olive oil on a cotton-ball.

I’ve been clear of big, ugly white blemishes for about a month.  Hope it stays this way 🙂

Just had to share something cheap and simple in this world of chemical overload.


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