Pantless Ken Dolls, Magic Tricks, and Writing

June 24, 2007 at 5:03 pm (About Margo, Margo Lukas Books)

…that’s what my summer is made of 🙂

And lots more, but I want to get this post done in a ten minutes! Yes, I’m home with my daughters and they are keeping me very busy.  I seem to average about ten minutes between interruptions ranging from “I’m hungry” to “There’s a hurt bird on the sidewalk.  Let’s save it.”  Still, I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world…so I deal.

My current WIP concerns Sebastian, a friend of Trey’s from Half Moon Rising.  It’s zipping along great and hopefully I’ll get it to my editor by the end of July.  Cross your fingers for a sale.  Sebastian has turned out to be quite an unusual werewolf who is forced to confront a few realities the werewolves swept under the rug when they migrated from the Old World after WWII.  Plus he’s falling head over paws for a female who appears to be the most magical being the werewolves have ever encountered. 

Love paranormal style 🙂

I just received my Galley corrections sheet to go over Half Moon Rising one more time before it gets ready for print.  It will be out either Oct. 16 or Oct. 30th (I’ve been given two different dates???).  It’s getting so close!!!!!

Everyone take care out there.  I’ll try to post a bit more than I have been.  Forgive me, writing puts my brain in a different gear 🙂



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