Half Moon Rising 2 ? How about HMR 1.2?

May 2, 2007 at 11:08 am (About Margo, Margo Lukas Books)

My reviewers and a few of my readers have been asking if there will be any more stories set in the world of Half Moon Rising.  What’s funny (to me) is that they have different ideas about whose story I should continue.  Mario? Roz? Sebastian?

I’m brainstorming story ideas.  (As in my notes are spread over my kitchen table right NOW!) I know, bad….I should have started on the sequel as soon as I was done with the first book, right?  Well, for various reasons, I didn’t.  But on the plus side the feedback I’m getting on Half Moon Rising will make the next story (or stories) better than if I had just plowed ahead last July when I sent the full manuscript off to Samhain.

If anyone has 2 cents they’d like to add about who they’d like to see have their own story–here’s a chance to comment!

On the downside, I can’t guarantee there will be a sequel published.  You see, because of shuffling at Samhain–the editor who bought my book wasn’t my final assigned editor.  So I’m back in the boat of “unpublished” authors in that I’ve got to submit a full manuscript before I get a contract.  And if I do get another book bought, it won’t be released until late 2008 or even 2009.   The life of a writer…



  1. smw said,

    I like the idea of Roz and Sebastian…

    Or Mario figuring out his life…maybe reconciling with Trey???? Throw in a lover for Mario?

    What’s going to happen the CJ & Trey’s baby??

  2. Jennifer Shirk said,

    Sounds great that you’re planning out your sequel! 🙂

    PS You’ve been tagged!

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