Happy Spring! and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

April 26, 2007 at 11:44 am (About Margo, Books of Interest)

Hmm, it’s been over 15 days since I posted.  I think I’ve got Spring fever and don’t want to sit my ass in a chair for over fifteen minutes 🙂

I’ve been busy revising a short story, reading some writing books, and doing some spring cleaning.

And I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Here’s the link to its website: TheSecret.tv.  I found it very interesting.  I was familiar with the Law of Attraction from reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think Rich” book (not sure if that is the exact title). 

Rhonda’s book is sure presented in a manner that is much easier to read than the Hill text.  My hubby and I were introduced to this topic by one of his teachers at a painting class.  I read The Secret in snippets right before bed, but a fast reader could probably finish it in an hour or two.  If you’ve been curious about this book (like I was), read it.  My library had a copy, but I bet there are some cheap used copies out there, too.

Being the product of the very work-oriented, pragmatic agrarian culture of the mid-west where bad weather or crop prices (which are determined by rich traders in Chicago) can wipe out your life in a year or two….well, I can be a bit negative.  I’ve watched my father and husband work harder in one year than most people do in ten and because of things totally out of their control—they lose money.  (And yes, I’ve told my hubby a million times he just has to say the word and I’ll pack up and move to a growing, prosperous urban area–I’ll choose common sense over mis-placed sentimentality!)

The idea of controling your own destiny with positive thoughts?  Well, I have certainly witnessed the entitlement mind-set among the wealthy.  Could it be because they just expect to have money and nice things, they get it?  And it has been my observation that wealthy think about money…a lot.  But when does thinking about wealth cross the line into greed?  I’ve witnessed that first hand, too (Isn’t the best money the kind your “entitled” too…ha ha!)

Of course, Ms. Byrne and her contributors aren’t only speaking about wealth.  They touch on lots of subjects: health, relationships, etc.  Those things I find it easier to be positive about and to keep my mind on “the positive” track, thus attracting more (or so the theory goes). 

I’m still absorbing the theories presented in The Secret.  Maybe in a few months I’ll look at my Vision Board (see chapter on Processes in The Secret) and be in awe of my own power.  Of course you’ll know it works when you hear about my next multi-book contract :).


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Mrs. Giggles Reviewed My Book

April 11, 2007 at 1:17 pm (Margo Lukas Books)

Last Saturday was a typical day before a holiday.  Cleaned house.  Made food.  You know the stuff.  Late in the afternoon I sat down to see if I had any reviews or any comments on my first release, Half Moon Rising.  After spending months writing something it’s cool to getfeedback 🙂  (By the way…thanks SMW for your review on the MBaM site…I really appreciate it.)

So, I pulled out the list of thirty review sites that receive blurbs from Samhain.  I have no idea if any of these reviewers have or will ever read my book.  But what’s a first time e-book author to do…

 I typed away.  Found the review pages.  Looked at the new reviews.  Double checked under the letter L (for Lukas).  Guess what? Nothing.

It was 5:45.  I needed to get supper on the table.  My chair was turned to away from the computer.  An idea comes to me.  Check Mrs. Giggles I get to her home page and there was the cover of Half Moon Risingin all its pixel glory!!!  I clicked on Romance Novel Central and this was the intro blurb for my book:

“This very satisfying and enjoyable werewolf story has different things to offer even the most jaded reader: a heroine who’s an alpha in all but name, an idealistic beta-wolf hero, and a story that is near impossible to put down. Rating: 85”

Too freaking cool.  I’ve been reading Mrs. Giggles before I even started writing Half Moon Rising.  I use her Keeper list as a reference for fine romance writing.  I’ve day-dreamed about seeing my book on her site 🙂 

My review wasn’t all sweetness and light, but she’s got her opinion and I’m going to take it serious.  The full review can be found here: Half Moon Rising, Mrs. Giggles review.

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The Science of Sex: The New York Times covers Sexual Desire

April 10, 2007 at 11:59 am (Cool Web Stuff, romance)

One of my good friends (not in the romance industry) sent me this link:


This is an article by Natalie Anglier from the New York Times entitled: Birds Do It. Bees Do It.  People Seek the Keys to It.

I believe current trends in the romance industry reflect what all the scientists are finding out in these studies.  Different strokes for different folks 🙂 

Of course, there is no mention of love.  Hard to quatify that elusive emotion.  But for me, that “Happy Ever After” of the romance novel…that”Love Conquers All”  theme…gets me in the mood evertime!

As to the research studies…

In the studies the author mentions they used photographic images in their tests.  I think someone should study how the written word affects arousal.  You’d think a billion dollar industry (ROMANCE!) would catch the attention of a researcher looking for grant money.  Anyone else sensing a bias towards fiction written mostly by women for women?

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Happy Easter

April 7, 2007 at 10:22 pm (About Margo)

I hope everyone has a great holiday with their family and friends.



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Thursday Thirteen: Easter!

April 5, 2007 at 9:19 am (Thursday Thirteen)

Thirteen Things about MARGO LUKAS: Easter!

1. Easter dresses for my little girls 🙂  I’m lucky. My two little ones LOVE dresses.  One year when my first was three, she wore a dress with several layers of crinolin (sp?).  It was adorable.

2. Pretty purses.  My girls have bunny purses (doubles as a toy during church).  I trade out the “Mommy” purse I usually carry for something smaller…oh, what a treat.

3. The weather is typically nice.  Not too hot, not too cold.

4. Dyeing Easter Eggs.  I bought a kit that has puffy paint this year.  What fun.  As my girls get older I’d like to try and make natural dye. 

5. Watching sleepy heads search for Easter Eggs. (Note to self: charge up the video camera battery)

6. “Mommy Tax” on the girl’s Easter candy (which means I get a Jelly Bean or two).  I am sooo evil.

7. Pastel colors.  After winter, they just pep the place up.

8. Decorating with stuffed bunnies.  I mean, have you ever seen an ugly stuffed bunny rabbit???? We also use stuffed ducks and lambs.  I have a very cozy living room during Spring 🙂

9. Easter Baskets.  When else can you stick a three-pack of new panties and a chocolate bunny in the same package??

10. Easter Dinner.  What can I say.  I like ham.

11. Easter Dinner dessert!

12. A perfect family holiday.  Doesn’t seem to drag on as much as Thanksgiving or Christmas “I call the couch.”

13. Okay, I’ve got to do a “little reason for the season” thing.  I do not have the answers for everything.  I have mixed views on the Bible (hey, I was a history major…I question stuff) and some distrust of the modern concept of “church”.  I can get damn mad at the Universe and often shake my fist at the sky.  But, in my gut, I can’t deny that I believe Jesus was “the One.”  I know I’m going to screw up a lot in this life. It’s good to know he’s got my back.

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Jennifer Shirk Tagged Me.

April 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm (About Margo)

How did you know I was the slow one on the playground, Jennifer

Today’s tag topic is 5 things you didn’t know about me. 

1.  Half Moon Rising is at #3 on the My Bookstore and More site 🙂  Okay, that was shameless plugging.  (But I bet you didn’t know it!)

2.  I went to a country school.  One teacher.  Six grades.  I was lucky, though.  My school was a modified trailer house.  My older sisters went to one of those white one-room schools that had an outhouse.  Ewww.

3.  I was 3rd runner-up in the Nebraska Jr. Miss contest.  My talent was a short speech from Romeo and Juliet.  Can  you guess why I was only 3rd runner-up? 🙂

4.  I spent a semester in London during college.  Really learned more about myself than “the world”.  Specifically that I smile too much and am way too approachable.  Sadly, I never traveled to Scotland and Ireland when I was there.  Big regret.

5.  I’ve never had a ticket.  Never even been stopped by the cops. (I probably just jinxed myself).

Okay, I’m tagging…Ansley Vaughan, Rhonda Stapelton, and Shonnan Brannon

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